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5 Best Free PDF Editors update 2018

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Make changes to your PDF with these free programs and online tools

1.Sejda PDF Editor

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Sejda PDF Editor is one of the very few PDF editors I’ve seen that actually lets you edit preexisting text in the PDF without adding a watermark. Most editors will only edit the text you add yourself, or will support text editing but then throw watermarks all over the place.

Plus, this tool can run entirely in your web browser, so it’s really easy to get going without having to download any programs. You can, however, get the desktop version if you’d rather.

What we like:

Can edit existing text and add custom text

Online editor lets you load PDFs from other websites

Supports adding hyperlinks

Includes a signature tool

Lets you insert blank pages into the PDF

Can remove pages from the PDF

Supports whiting out parts of the page

Can insert images and shapes into the PDF

What we don’t like:

Can only be used on three PDFs every hour

Limited to PDFs with less than 200 pages

Doesn’t edit PDFs larger than 50 MB

Works with: Windows, macOS, and Linux

2. Inkscape

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Inkscape is an extremely popular free image viewer and editor, but it also includes PDF editing functions that most dedicated PDF editors only support in their paid editions.

What we like:

Can edit PDF text

Supports manipulating graphics

Includes lots of image editing tools

What we don’t like:

The number of graphic editing tools can be overwhelming

Works with: Windows, macOS, and Linux

3. PDFescape Online PDF Editor

download link

PDFescape is a wonderful online PDF editor with lots of features. It’s 100% free so long as the PDF does not exceed 100 pages or 10 MB in size.

What we like:

Works online through your web browser

Lots of tools are provided

Lets you add your own text and images

Can delete and add PDF pages

What we don’t like:

Can’t edit existing text

Doesn’t edit large PDFs

Works with: Any OS

4. PDF-XChange Editor


There are some really great PDF editing features in PDF-XChange Editor, but not all of them are free to use. If you use a non-free feature, the PDF will save with a watermark on every page.

However, if you stick to just the free features, you can still do some editing to the file and save it back to your computer.

What we like:

Uses ocr to identify the text in the PDF

Can import a variety of shapes and images

Supports adding QR codes to the PDF

There’s a portable version

What we don’t like:

Many features require a license

Works with: Windows

5.Smallpdf Online PDF Editorlink

One of the quickest ways to add images, text, shapes, or your signature to a PDF, is with Smallpdf.

This is a website that makes it really easy to upload a PDF, make changes to it, and then save it back to your computer all without needing to make a user account or pay for any anti-watermarking features.

What we like:

All the features are free

Lets you add more text to the PDF

Can put white space over areas you want to erase

Supports importing shapes

Can load and save PDFs from various sources

What we don’t like:

Doesn’t let you edit existing text

Works with: Any OS

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