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Top 5 Amazing Website In The World

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This post shows you, The 4 Amazing Website You Didn’t Know Existed On Internet!


Internet Live Stats is part of the Real Time Statistics Project (Worldometers and 7 Billion World).

We are an international team of developers, researchers, and analysts with the goal of making statistics available in a dynamic and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world.

We pioneered two methods of visualizing data: the Single Unit Isotype and the Live Isotype (more about these below). Both are used on Internet Live Stats in addition to our live statistic counters, for which we are the trusted leading provider worldwide (our clients include BBC News, United Nations Conference Rio+20, U2, Wired, Kaspersky Lab, etc.).

Our global data website Worldometers has been voted as best online reference website by the American Library Association (ALA) and our statistics are referenced in over 400 published books and more than 150 professional journal articles.

2., first aid in account termination

Want to ditch your online account? Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Unfortunately, on many websites, including popular ones like Facebook, deleting your account can be a real pain.

AccountKiller collects direct links and deleting instructions to make account termination easy. Websites like Skype that do not allow deleting your profile in an easy way at all get blacklisted. Luckily there are websites that do care about your online privacy.


The only free online radio web app to listen to the top songs from every decade since 1900 – present day. All in one easy page!


Sometimes upgrading to a newer version can be a good thing. Other times, your computer may not be compatible with the new version, the new version is bloated, or all the options you liked are no longer available. has been supplying the online community with old versions of various programs since 2001. The service is utilized by thousands of users every day and has been featured in newspapers and magazines as well as on radio and television. has several objectives. One is to discourage the use of spyware by software companies. Also known as adware, these hidden programs come bundled with certain applications and secretly transmit user information via the Internet to advertisers. It is sometimes possible to avoid spyware by downloading an older version of a program. Use and show the industry your dissatisfaction with these types of business practices.

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